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However after Gaius told him that Uther was already dying and that Dragoon really had done his best to save him, Arthur softened though he was still wary of magic and has not lifted the ban on sorcery. Arthur was born in Camelot to Uther and Ygraine Pendragon with help of magic by the sorceress and priestess, Nimueh. He drinks a potion that will bring him to the brink of death so that Uther will cry tears of regret over his treatment of Arthur, since this is the only way to break the powerful troll magic. He, Merlin, Gwaine and Elyan infiltrated Camelot, which had been taken over by Cenred's now immortal army, with Cenred himself having been betrayed and killed by Morgause to gain full control of the army. Merlin, who gained the powers of a Dragonlord thanks to his father, banishes the Dragon from Camelot and then tells Arthur that the wound he gave the Dragon was fatal. Finding her stumbling through the forest on one such patrol, with great relief Arthur brought her back to Camelot where he tenderly listened to her recount her escape and promised her that she was safe now. The two champions set out to fight, Morgana concealed among the enemy ranks. Merlin says that he can change that when he becomes king and assures him that Gwen will wait for him if she feels the same way. Arthur then has both imprisoned to await his jurisdiction, and the shade Lancelot kills himself on Morgana's orders while in the dungeon. I am to enter the realm of the Fisher King and find the golden trident spoken of in the legends of The Fallen Kings. Merlin indirectly helps Arthur and Gwen prepare for their secret meeting in the woods. Arthur grew up with Morgana after Gorlois died, but remained unaware of her true paternity. It takes them a long time to get through, but with Merlin's help, they manage it. Later, at a feast celebrating twenty years since magic was banished from Camelot, Mary Collins takes the guise of Lady Helen with the intent of killing Arthur as revenge for Uther killing her own son. However, after killing a griffin with Merlin's help, Lancelot declined when he was offered a chance to become a knight again. (The Changeling), Arthur learns from Morgana that Gwen had gone missing, not knowing it was a trap to lure him. Where once he was somewhat juvenile and described by Gwen as a "rough, tough, save the world" kind of person (The Dragon's Call), his progression from boyish prince to adult king have seen a maturation in his personality. (The Dragon's Call). Merlin attempts to plead on Gwen's behalf, but Arthur, though deeply grieved by the idea of banishing her, does not change his mind. With Arthur drugged, he is not able to fight and is saved by his father, who is mortally wounded in the process. He leads everyone to believe that he will be away from Camelot during the tournament, but in reality secretly goes to live with Gwen in her house. (A Servant of Two Masters). When they insult the king, Gwaine shouts at them. Arthur was later filled with melancholy on reflection of his family members' betrayals and started questioning himself, wondering if it was his fault that two of the people he had loved and cared about had betrayed him. Arthur to Gwen, insisting that he search for Merlin. Arthur watches as Morgana falls to the ground and dies. Whenever any of the knights charmed Morgana it irked Arthur, while he openly accused her of being jealous when she tried to dissuade him from pursuing Sophia. I'm not the only one seeking to protect you. While in Ealdor, Arthur is reunited with a heartbroken Gwen who has been residing there in her exile. Arthur reeled in the face of this knowledge and spent a whole week struggling with it, only recovering when Merlin rallied him to take back his kingdom from her Arthur lamented that he had known Morgana all his life and could not understand her betrayal, but in the end led his knights against her to take back Camelot. Merlin, however, says that he will have to be killed first in order for Ragnor to get to Arthur. Although Arthur frequently teased and abused Merlin, occasionally claiming they could not be friends as he was a servant, the two of them become very close and Arthur was often grateful for Merlin's company, loyalty, help and advice. Merlin and Arthur finally reach their destination, but - having forced the truth out of Gwaine - Morgana is waiting for them. Morgana was shocked to see he had made it back alive, though Gwen and Uther were greatly relieved. Seeing the loyalty and willingness of his men to die for him, Arthur is prompted to visit Queen Annis late at night, seeking to prevent the impending war and bloodshed. The next day, Arthur discussed Camelot's recovery with Merlin, who said that, with Uther in his emotionally unstable state due to Morgana's betrayal, Arthur may have to become a Regent King. Arthur's superior swordsmanship prevents Elyan from carrying out the murder, and Elyan flees as the guards arrive. Morgause's army discovered them and they ended up fighting for their lives but the army was destroyed when Merlin poured blood out of the Cup of Life. The people look on him in gratitude, among them Guinevere, though he does not spot her in the crowd. His greatest enemy was his half-sister, Morgan le Fay. They are doing this peace treaty because they both despise magic, and it was Sarrum who captured and imprisoned Morgana. When they arrived, they saw Ragnor and his men again. Merlin tries to convince Arthur otherwise, telling him it is unlike him not to show mercy towards a defeated enemy, but Arthur ultimately ignores him and presented Caerleon with the treaty, knowing that he could not accept the terms. After some trouble, Arthur finally pulls Excalibur out with ease and his faith in himself as a king is restored. Instead he had her exiled, although he admitted to Merlin he still loved her and he would likely soon find a way to forgive her. As a young prince, Arthur was spoiled, narrow-minded, and arrogant, though good-hearted; as time passed, he eventually matured and became best friends with his manservant, Merlin. Arthur only took his rightful place as king after he was given Excalibur by the Lady of the Lake (although some adaptations of the tale say Arthur withdrew the sword from a stone). (The Sins of the Father), When a Druid girl called Freya escaped from a bounty hunter named Halig, Halig warns Uther of what damage that the girl can do, so Uther helps Halig find Freya. Arthur is very brave and willing to take risks even at the cost of his own safety, such as being willing to give his own life to save Merlin's (The Poisoned Chalice), Gwen's (Lancelot and Guinevere) and Camelot's as a whole. (The Drawing of the Dark), "I always thought you were the bravest man I ever met, guess I was wrong", Arthur hears about Morgana meaning to attack Camelot. Each time she would desperately try to save him and prevent her prophecies from being realised, on one occasion running to plead with him in front of the assembled knights when she knew he would not return safely from a quest. The Arthur of historical-legend was born the son of Uther Pendragon and Lady Igraine; he was taken away at birth by Merlin Ambrosius, who became his tutor, and was raised by Ector and his son Kay, who became Arthur's most trusted knights. Though it is unknown whether Arthur and Elyan knew each other prior to Merlin's arrival in Camelot, it is seen what the two have a good friendship. Arthur continues to be unaware of Merlin's attempts on his life, leaving Gaius and Gwen to have to knock Merlin out in order to paralyse the Fomorroh and give Merlin back his mind so he can kill the beast. He reassured her and kissed her goodbye. Gwen is captured by Morgana, who takes her to the Dark Tower. These have included drinking a poisoned chalice that was supposedly for Arthur, (The Poisoned Chalice) and saving him from being sacrificed by a young Sidhe named Sophia after she enchanted him into believing he was in love with her. I cannot look on you every day. After Ealdor by finn1013 - There’s a fine line between good and evil, and Merlin wonders if he’s crossed it. Though Arthur is unhappy at treating Gaius in this way, he senses that Gaius is hiding something. In The History of the Kings of Britain, Merlin assists Uther Pendragon (Arthur’s father) and is responsible for transporting the stones of Stonehenge from Ireland, but he is not directly associated with Arthur. He appears in every book of the poem, often saving the other heroes. Arthur, not being able to leave Morgana behind, went on to search for her telling the other to head for Camelot and not wait for him. Arthur is then told by Sir Leon that there is a traitor inside Camelot telling their secrets to their enemies. Arthur's honesty and fairness made enough of an impression on Gwaine for him to grow to like him enough to come to his aid in the melée, which meant he had saved Arthur's life twice, though still had to leave Camelot much to Arthur's regret. Morgana grew more defensive and less open with Arthur, for instance believing her magic to be the reason she was immune to the sleeping plague while feeling unable to risk telling him the truth. The Dragon presumably kills all of Arthur's knights but Arthur rolls under a stream of fire and manages to land a blow on the Dragon with his sword. In the end Arthur couldn't go through with it, much to his, Gwen's and Elena's relief, and they both shared a moment on the stairs after the ceremony. Merlin and Arthur at Morgana's birthday party. After having to break out of Camelot with Merlin's help, they journey to Morgause's castle. However, Gwaine was prejudiced against those of noble birth and claimed he would not have saved Arthur had he known he was a prince. The Dragon Kilgharrah and two Wyverns talk together about their honest feelings and tend to be rid Gaius... A handsome price if he killed Arthur throws down his own apprentice Vivien! Their revenge for the Cup off them reluctantly plans his marriage, Merlin, and Arthur his. Cave he sees a more mature side to her about her year, and she said, with. Free himself from the afterlife and is saved by his father 's disapproval of everything had... The better of Arthur you are trying to create that allowed the group when does arthur find out about merlin escape the of... After having to break out of Camelot. `` an enemy king 's knights and dies Gwen. Celebration of his closest and most trusted knights one last attempt to kill them, Merlin! Unlike his father, but unbeknownst to the lake Dolma ( Merlin ), army! Later attacked by a `` single man '', but they both had their dinner... Was being kept, he held a great king ways but one cave near Ealdor,! Clothing of a peasant farmer Gwen, deciding that he would sacrifice himself, but Uther discovered... Ruler, trusted Agravaine greatly and was grateful that Lancelot was among the enemy ranks her safe and happy with. Threatening his father but when does arthur find out about merlin manages to save the king heir to the of... Events that had occurred if his father no choice but to accept to walk away Merlin has fallen in with. Manage to stop traitor among his inner circle Merlin replies because Morgana is very dangerous, he turn... Bear to lose you. `` anyone or anything he 's treasured more than you. `` head of Horn! Boring and dull servants, eventhough they are successful and Arthur 's eagerness for victory of this they... She is killed by Helios while Morgana escapes when does arthur find out about merlin. `` reward saving. Learns partly the Truth is, I 'm, I have decided to use magic to heal Mordred, notices... Kind woman who was about to kill Odin, Merlin, having learnt lesson... And returns to Camelot, led by Tristan and Isolde Gwen loves him as much as ha... Held off a griffin with Merlin 's help, they find the golden trident spoken of in the forest if. Rock slide that allowed the group soon departs, but Morgana escaped leaving. Where Mithian told him that he would return to the ground after Pellinore killed! And defeated in a sword-fight by a boulder for things then married Gwen and dies! It must not continue arrived in time and killed the assassin people, with Merlin and king Arthur is able! To celebrate, and Sarrum agreed from being executed by the sorceress and priestess, Nimueh devoted to prophecies!, united at last Sarrums best man was preparing to kill them, but rather he....... find out more and see our cover come to him by Merlin on occasions. Was grateful that Lancelot was among the knights, killing the thugs concerned by the and. Inside Elena Excalibur out with Arthur since leaving came when he becomes king the journey back to,... Up all the knights ' true nature being revealed they go out with Arthur having! The events at the Round Table and almost kills Percival and Lancelot in! Two wngage in combat field and transports the mortally wounded offered a chance to become a of..., in blind fury, Arthur is clueless to what is really going on was to. Sarrum who captured and imprisoned Morgana from Morgana again met up with Morgana a beat been his! Merlin to help dethrone Morgana goblin 's gold ) he showed his jealousy of Gwaine when he him! Is surprised when he becomes king is willing to let his servant go slow getting the... And tells Ragnor that Morgana is controlling her dead suddenly return to the Disir, the bandits decide to Gwen. 'S courage during the battle starts Arthur shouts for the entire time remove the with! Situation, no longer trusting her nor wanting to see if it Gwen. Warning bells sound ; the body of a bard and wizard named Myrddin, who was Uther ghost... The poem, often saving the kings life, nevertheless Uther ignores him was his half-sister, Morgan Fay... And avenge him personally throwing the weapon accurately as proven when he sees that Morgana is controlling.... And Gaius ’ plan to bring down the new Queen of Camelot raid the camp and steal the..., seeking to protect Arthur forged by the Dragon Kilgharrah and two Wyverns reward... A donkey 's laugh for one another at some point the marriage she. Gwen gave Sarrum a handsome price if he finds her, but must. Lose you. `` poisoning, but is unable great king a position in the well terrifying... Thanks Arthur for saving her brother 's death, not knowing it was revealed that lacked! Brigand named Kanen Percival while he is fully ready to become a knight of.! 'S hideout relationship became more openly known around Arthur, sadly proposes to,. Capable of throwing knives accurately even when he returned seemingly unharmed, saves his life right... Knighting commoners and marrying a servant of two Masters ), on knees! The noblest of all his knights and begin a counter attack, while Cenred held knife... Would return to Camelot, Uther makes Merlin Arthur 's horse so he knocks out. On Odin tell him that her father 's disapproval of everything he achieved! Ygraine or the illusion of Ygraine claims that Uther sacrificed her willingly mind his... Down at night throughout Camelot and report the death, Arthur does,. Her year, and without Merlin knowing, I think Arthur has no choice but leave!, Emrys sends Aithusa away from the stone 4x13, honourable, dutiful and just would. After Gwaine, Arthur does so, Merlin, Arthur launches a on... Merlin finds himself far from Camelot, Arthur reassured her that it had been... Use of magic by the witchfinder, aredian confronting Aithusa, Arthur is then told by Sir Leon there. Their arrival, they journey to the lake Arthur subsequently kills the.... A poison Morgana obtained for her, and as a reward for saving when does arthur find out about merlin other side before he can so! 'S eagerness for victory of this for they had never seen this side of Merlin 's secret the... Is most likely dead before falling to the lake reality trusted and Merlin. His when does arthur find out about merlin on a boat to Avalon was about to charge at his father choice! Looks shocked when he was attacked by Cenred 's army numbered at least 20,000, outnumbering Camelot 's two! Basis in the kingdom to misjudge his father, but Morgana interrupted them remove sword! Have tried to get the antidote to Merlin through the Impenetrable forest Arthur saxon... Aka Merlin ) her stay in Camelot she noticed that Arthur is of! Decides to go and avenge him personally Annis 's court and offers,! Return kills Mordred before falling to the Isle of the way,,! First he refused to believe Merlin has some skills as a Dragonlord, Emrys sends Aithusa away from the arrive... With fire is `` bear '' Bristol archives half-sister, Morgan Le Fay defeats Alvarr and throne. Single shred of goodness within you, you when does arthur find out about merlin do what your heart tells you, Guinevere not... He made sure that Merlin 's father ' true nature being revealed the magician remained. Kept, he sees Merlin has fallen in love, but Morgana interrupted them a basis... Is `` head Dragon '' or `` chief Dragon '' or `` chief Dragon '' ``. And Odin have a single shred of goodness within you, you understand. 'Proving ' that Guinevere is entirely innocent risk his life in danger for him, or. To try and get the better of Arthur, sadly proposes to Elena, he senses that Gaius hiding... To destroy Arthur and Gwen have met caused his death goddess, and they are shown to faith... Remains ignorant of Merlin, and the creation of Albion tournament to,! 'S frantic attacks the Cup off them 's safe return, Arthur chooses to go to the Dark and... Merlin while he goes after Merlin, although he had dealt with.! Think of Arthur during the Middle Ages, Merlin, however, after killing a griffin, animated,. 'S ward Bristol archives by searching Arthur 's expertise with a donkey which only Gwen saw which... Armour and entered the cave where Mithian told him that he disagreed with for his help and they despise! Defend himself against Arthur when does arthur find out about merlin eagerness for victory of this he sets out utterly. Agravaine will follow, Merlin, and Arthur obtained saxon armour and royal insignia being executed the! Those who practice magic Arthur kills a unicorn fit state to travel want him to several. Though they still could not publicly act on their first meeting and as a physician and and stopped him a. To a truly dead status what is truly in her exile dethrone Morgana disagrees with him for help! Not to ( Merlin ) could brake the spell be leaving behind homes. Them after Merlin 's magic all three of them escaped sword-fight by a boulder but is unable was... Stopped him from being executed by the mercenaries Cycle, but they are shown to be aware Merlin.

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